Rock Clamp Attachments

$ 1,250.00 $ 1,500.00

Sometimes a Thumb is to rough on the material your trying to handle.

Thats why the pros at Frato Products introduced the all new  Rock Clamp.

Our Rock Clamp is the perfect tool on-site when the Job calls for precise placement and minimal damage to your material.

This Clamp Attachment was designed to allow Landscape and Construction contractors to easily and effectively move objects such as, sand stone, curb, boulders, Logs and Clay or Plastic pipe. 

Applications include, decorative wall building, retaining walls, steps, sewer and trench work and much more.

It's simple yet high strength design allows you to move heavy oddly shaped objects with ease while keeping the material securely in place and leaving less surface damage on material. 

Product Features

  • High Strength Design 
  • Compact for Storage
  • 1 1/2" - Premium 65 Duro Rubber 
  • Demensions : 39"x12"x13"
  • Inside Length 32"
  • Made In America
  • Limited Warranty on Material and Workmanship
  • Rated at 1,000 lb. Lift Capacity
  • Weighs 85 lb. with Chain
  • FREE SHIPPING Continental US

Package Includes:

  • Chain
  • 2 - Pins
  • Clamp Attachment
  • Rubber 

Get the right tool for the job. Order your Grab-All Rock Clamp Today and experience the difference for yourself. 

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