Mini Excavator Thumbs | FAQ's

What type of guarantee do these products have? 



  • 1 YEAR LIMITED  WARRANTY ON MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP, ONE MONTH WARRANTY ON HYDRAULIC CYLINDER. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. SEE LINK ABOVE FOR DETAILS. However, Even the best products can break when not handled properly or operated incorrectly. That being said below you will find some tips and facts for proper care of excavator thumbs that will help make them last.

Warning - We are not responsible for any wear and tear or any damage caused to your machine or the attachment as a result of our product as it is your responsibility to safety operate your machine and install the thumb properly.  

Do you offer Refunds or returns?

  • You have 72 Hours after your product is delivered to refund or exchange your product for a refund less shipping cost and 10 % restocking fee on in stock items. ( Does not include custom items ) See warranty info for details. 
  • Please see Satisfaction warranty and Guarantee for Custom Built to Spec policy. 

How do I set the PSI on a Mini Excavator Thumb? 

  • It is best to read owners manual or call manufacturer of machine. Different for all machines.
What is the PSI? 
  •  Psi stands for Pound-Force per Square Inch. The PSI is how much pressure will be going to the hydraulic cylinder.

**PSI Warning** : 

  • PSI Must be set at 75% or Less. If PSI is not set properly this can result in broken or bent cylinders and we are not held responsible.

What size thumb do I need or How do I measure my machine?

** Warning ** We suggest you measure your machine before purchasing. We are not responsible if you order the incorrect size and do not guarantee returns or exchanges. 

  • Measure your machine with the bucket at a 90 degree angel. Measure straight from the teeth of the bucket to the arm of your machine. Refer to diagram or call thumb manufacturer.
  • Follow this link for > Mini Excavator Thumb Measurement Guide

How do I Install or Mount my New Min Excavator attachment?

Where do I get hydraulic hoses for my hydraulic thumb? 

  • You can purchase hydraulic hoses and fittings at any local hose and fitting store near you.

 How do i know if my machine can use a hydraulic Thumb? 

  • Not all machines are plumbed (set-up) for hydraulic attachments. If machine is plumbed (set-up) for hydraulics you will see hydraulic lines on your machines arm. You can also call the dealer of your machine to find out. If you do not have hydraulic capabilities we offer Mechanical thumbs.

Expected Free Shipping Delivery? 


  • All lead times are estimated. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY 

    All items should be fulfilled within 7-10 business days on in stock items or 10-14 business days on certain items with limited stock. Unless an item is out of stock or on backorder. Items are typically received within 7-10 business days from the date of purchase.

  • Free Shipping only applies to the Continental US and excludes Hawaii and Alaska as well as International delivery. 
  • If you ordered a hydraulic thumb you may receive two separate packages. 
  • Customer must pay for shipping the product or item back to Frato Products, Inc. for warranty claims, exchanges or returns.

 If I purchase a Mechanical Thumb can it be converted to a Hydraulic Thumb later?

  • Yes, if you order a mechanical thumb you can upgrade to a hydraulic style. You simply order the hydraulic cylinder and an additional mounting bracket and your good to go. Additional welding may be required.

Can I custom order a different size? 

  • Yes, if you don't see what your looking for give us a call and we can custom build a thumb specific to your needs.