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Excavator Thumbs by MiniExcavatorThumbs.com

If your looking for the highest quality excavator attachment for your mini excavator or mid-size excavator you've come to the right place. MiniExcavatorThumbs.com is a premier manufacturer of excavator thumb attachments. We aim to sell high quality equipment attachments at factory direct prices right to our customers. 

Excavator Thumb Application

Our excavator thumbs are designed with an aggressive tooth and a curve to help secure any combination of material your handling. This makes for the perfect thumb attachment for any application. Our customers are using our thumb attachments for such applications as:

  • Rock and Boulder Placement 
  • Timber & Tree Removal 
  • Retaining Walls 
  • Land Clearing
  • Construction and Demo Debris

Excavator Thumb Models 

Our niche and corner stone attachment has always been excavator thumbs. Giving us a deep insight into what demands our customers require for their thumb attachment. We have multiple types and styles of excavator thumbs to fit your needs and your budget. 

Factory Direct Pricing and Free Shipping

As the manufacturer we offer our attachments at budget friendly prices up to 40 % less than comparable excavator thumb manufacturers that sell through a dealer network. Simply put we cut out the middle man and pass the savings on by working directly with our customers and they love us for it. Another way we save our customers money is by offering free shipping on all orders under 120lb.

  • Manual Excavator Thumbs Starting at $400.00
  • Hydraulic Excavator Thumbs Starting at $660.00
  • Pin-On Excavator Thumbs Starting at $1,250.00

Made in America 

All of our Excavator Thumb and Equipment Attachments are proudly manufactured at our facility in Cleveland, OH. We try to source all of our material from local suppliers and being in Cleveland gives us the perfect location to provide source the necessary materials at cost effective prices. 

If your looking to change the way you operate, be more productive and less frustrated an Excavator Thumb from MiniExcavatorThumbs.com is the answer to your problems. 

Give our friendly customer services reps a call today to see how affordable a thumb for your excavator could be at 844-463-7286.