Mini Excavator Thumbs | About us

Mini Excavator is the best place on the internet to purchase high quality Compact Excavator and Backhoe Thumb Attachments on the market!

We manufacture our thumbs right here in America, allowing us to offer factory direct pricing to customers. With saving up to 45% of MSRP on excavator thumbs we carry the lowest price possible, passing along the best value to you, our customer.

When equipment is manufactured here in America we can assure that the processes used to produce these thumbs are of the highest caliber. was started as a way to improve our already great processes by letting our customers view our thumb attachments and place orders securely over the internet. 

Our president and CEO, Andrew Frato saw a need in the market and capitalized on it when took a risk and built this business from the ground up.

The idea came when Mr. Frato was working as an equipment operator at a local scrap metal management business in Cleveland, Ohio.He would often notice good reliable equipment being discarded as scrap.

 An idea hit him, he would purchase these pieces of equipment and with some good old fashion work, a little elbow grease and a love for equipment he refurbished these pieces of equipment to as good as new.

He began listing his refurbished equipment on the internet and at a discount price and was selling these affordable products so fast he couldn't meet demand.

Soon, what started as a side business for some extra money turning into a busy equipment shop. When he could no longer meet demand with the used attachments due to the low pricing he saw another opportunity to manufacture Equipment attachments himself  at an affordable price and pass the value of quality equipment on to the customer. 


Andrew decided to call his new business Best Machines Around or BMA Equipment Sales Inc.

BMA Equipment's goal is simple... To be the BEST. Delivery the BEST product made with an BEST quality, produced by the BEST people.

How can we do this...?

Through superior service, dedication and hard work we strive to beat the competitions price, performance and service.

Our first product offering was a simple mechanical excavator thumb made for both mini excavators and backhoes.

Once again listening to the demand of our customers BMA Equipment capitalized on opportunity and we have now expanded our products to offer two more lines of hydraulic excavator and backhoe thumbs.

BMA Equipment launched as a way to showcase our corner stone products as well as a growing line of equipment attachments. Moving to the internet allows us to better serve our customers by enabling them to place orders online, view our products with detailed descriptions and also track there orders right from the web.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Cleveland, Ohio. A true steel town. We ship nation wide but if your in the area feel free to stop by and pick up your order.