Manual & Hydraulic Compact Thumb Attachments

We move mountains for our customers.

At we are dedicated to creating true value for our customers. We achieve this by offering a quality product at a great price, it's that simple . All of our thumb attachments are manufactured in Cleveland, OH from American made steel and parts. This allows us to control each step of the process and allows you to receive factory direct pricing. Add to that FREE Shipping on all order in the United States within 5-7 business days and you've got on offer that can't be beat. Placing an order is simple, just start by selecting the correct type and size. 

Start by selecting your thumb type and size.

Once you've made the wise decision to purchase a thumb from us you'll need to select the type of thumb and the correct size.We currently carry 3 different styles of thumbs Manual, Basic Hydraulic and Fully Hydraulic.

  • Manual thumbs require you to move the pins in order to adjust the position of the thumb.
  • Basic hydraulic is a cross between the manual and fully hydraulic, it allows you to adjust the position with the us of hydraulics however to fully retract the thumb when not in use you must remove a pin.
  • Fully hydraulic allows for complete automation and completely retracts against the stick with the use of hydraulics only.

If your not sure what size your machine requires view our suggested size chart. Here is a link on how to measure your machine for a thumb attachment just to be safe. Please keep in mind that the size may vary depending on additional attachments such ass a quick connect.

For Specification, Pictures and Pricing click the type of thumb your looking for below then find the proper size and price in the drop down menu of that thumb.