John Deere Backhoe Thumb Attachments

John Deere Backhoe Thumb Clamp

Odd's are your are hard working man. You wake up early in the morning ready to get to work and get the job done. But like any hard working man you know that having the right tool for the job lets you get it done the right way. 

So why should you struggle to operate your John Deere Backhoe when it comes to pickin up things on the job? There's a tool for that. That tool is a Thumb Attachment. The single most used attachment on any machine no matter what type of work your in. 

I love my JD just as much as the next guy. So don't tear up the machine you love trying to get a hold of that log. And don't roll that boulder into the arm just to get some leverage. It's as simple as buying a weld on Thumb to your John Deere.

Mechanical John Deere Backhoe Thumb


  • Made from some of the best  steel Cleveland Ohio has to offer.
  • Our thumbs come in 7 sizes to create a fit for your Deere like a glove.
  • Manufactured right here in the good old USA we keep an eye on the entire production process from start to finish.
  • Weld on mounting lets these thumbs take any beating you throw at em.
  • With teeth across the entire length you'll get a good bite on material from logs to steel beams.

Deere Backhoe Models

Our Thumb attachments are built to be universal weld on thumbs and fit most excavators and backhoes. We've sold thumbs to customers with many JD machines including the following list of John Deere Backhoe Loaders. 

  • John Deere 310 Extendahoe
  • John Deere 350 Loader
  • John Deere 410d Loader
  • John Deere 210c Loader
  • John Deere 510c Loader
  • JD 260 Backhoe
  • JD 270 A Backhoe
  • JD 385 A Backhoe
  • John Deere 485 Backhoe
  • Deere 595 Backhoe

These are just a few of the many machine our thumb attachments have been added to. They all require a different length thumb. Check out our measuring instructions to see what size your Deere requires.