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Mini Excavator Thumb Attachments for sale for in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania March 16 2015, 0 Comments

Philadelphia PA Equipment Attachments

Mini Excavator Thumbs for sale in Philadelphia, PA

At we sell Manual and Hydraulic Compact Excavator Thumb Equipment all over the great state of Pennsylvania. Theres plenty of work available around Philadelphia these days. That means you need to put your best foot forward and reinvest in your business. One of the best investments you can make as a contractor is in equipment. If your in the business of moving land or material and have backhoe or mini excavator the single most popular piece of equipment is a Thumb Attachment, and for good reason. 

A Thumb Attachments has countless benefits

The possibilities are endless when you add a thumb to your machine. You can expect to experience a much more productive work day for one. Less damage to material your hauling due to the extra stability. Plus versatility in the types of material you can now handle. Its like having another employee on site to give you a hand.










When all is said and done, none of these benefits compare to the value your receive when you purchase this attachment at an amazingly low price. Thats what we do, with prices up to 45% off our competition you can't afford not to purchase one of these thumbs.

Thumbs sizes, styles and pricing

We carry three different styles in a variety of sizes in stock. Click the type your looking for for more information, specs and pricing. 

You'll want to measure your machine properly before ordering but if you just want a quick estimate just email us and receive your suggested size thumb attachment and $25 coupon code if you place the order within one week. 

While keeping up with the day to day activities of business and finding ways to improve can be tiring and uncertain. One thing remains clear, when you purchase a mini thumb from us you'll receive a quality product from great people made right here in america. We move mountains for our customers so you can move mountains for yours.