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Caterpillar 416 Loader Backhoe Thumb Attachment , Review and Specs February 25 2015, 2 Comments

Cat 416 thumb attachment suggested sizePowerful and versatile , the Cat 416 can easily accomplish any number of jobs you throw its way. Work comfortably with enough leg room, great visibility over the hood and an ergonomic layout. 

This Cat offers a standard single tilt loader featuring strong lift and break out forces making backfilling a breeze. Plus a slimmer boom for increased visibility and control. While the many features make this a well designed machine no machine is complete without a thumb.

Benefits and Features off a Thumb Attachment :

  • Increased Backhoe Value
  • Improved load Capability and Handling 
  • Stability and safety on site 
  • Fully retractable
  • Made from 1/2" USA High grade steel 
  • Built in America 

Cat 416 Thumb Attachment: will move mountains to provide quality excavator and backhoe attachments to our many customers across the United States. We offer Factory Direct pricing on all thumbs up to 45% off MSRP also, receive your order within 5-7 business days . 


Selected Dimensions

J. LOAD HEIGHT - STD 10.9 ft in 3335 mm
K. REACH FROM SWIVEL - STD 17.8 ft in 5413 mm
L. DIG DEPTH - STD 14.2 ft in 4330 mm
M. REACH AT LOAD HEIGHT - STD 7.2 ft in 2195 mm
A. TRANSPORT LENGTH 22.4 ft in 6838 mm
B. TRANSPORT WIDTH 7.4 ft in 2262 mm
C. TRANSPORT HEIGHT 11.3 ft in 3448 mm
D. WHEELBASE 6.9 ft in 2100 mm
E. GROUND CLEARANCE 0.97 ft in 297 mm
F. HEIGHT TO TOP OF CAB 8.9 ft in 2719 mm
H. REACH AT MAX DUMP HEIGHT 2.3 ft in 704 mm
I. DIG DEPTH 4.2 in 107 mm

Specification for your Cat 416 

MAKE Perkins
NET POWER 61.7 hp 46 kw
GROSS POWER 67.1 hp 50 kw
DISPLACEMENT 235.6 cu in 3.9 L
OPERATING WEIGHT 2WD 13706.1 lb 6217 kg
OPERATING WEIGHT 4WD 13970.7 lb 6337 kg
FUEL CAPACITY 28 gal 106 L
TURNING RADIUS 12.8 ft in 3905 mm
TIRE SIZE FRONT - 2WD / 4WD 11L-16 10PR/10.5-20 10PR
REAR TIRES SIZE 2WD/4WD 16.9-24 8PR/ 19.5L-24 8PR
TYPE fully synchromesh
MAX SPEED - FORWARD 19.7 mph 31.7 km/h
MAX SPEED REVERSE 19.8 mph 31.8 km/h
DIG DEPTH - STD 14.2 ft in 4330 mm
DIG DEPTH - EXT 18.5 ft in 5636 mm
REACH FROM SWIVEL - STD 17.8 ft in 5413 mm
REACH FROM SWIVEL - EXT 21.9 ft in 6661 mm
BUCKET DIG FORCE - STD 10440 lb 4735.5 kg
BUCKET DIG FORCE - EXT 10260 lb 4653.9 kg
LOAD AT MAX LIFT - STD 3439.2 lb 1560 kg
LOAD AT MAX LIFT - EXT 2149.5 lb 975 kg
LOAD HEIGHT - STD 10.9 ft in 3335 mm
LOAD HEIGHT - EXT 13.3 ft in 4044 mm
REACH AT LOAD HEIGHT - STD 7.2 ft in 2195 mm
REACH AT LOAD HEIGHT - EXT 10.4 ft in 3174 mm
BUCKET CAPACITY 0.99 yd3 0.76 m3
BUCKET WIDTH 89.1 in 2262 mm
REACH AT MAX DUMP HEIGHT 2.3 ft in 704 mm
DIG DEPTH 4.2 in 107 mm
PUMP TYPE Variable flow
PUMP FLOW CAPACITY 28.5 gal/min 108 L/min
RELIEF VALVE PRESSURE 2700 psi 18615.8 kPa
TRANSPORT LENGTH 22.4 ft in 6838 mm
TRANSPORT WIDTH 7.4 ft in 2262 mm
TRANSPORT HEIGHT 11.3 ft in 3448 mm
HEIGHT TO TOP OF CAB 8.9 ft in 2719 mm
WHEELBASE 6.9 ft in 2100 mm
GROUND CLEARANCE 0.97 ft in 297 mm

Thumb Attachment for a John Deere 410 Backhoe February 18 2015, 4 Comments

John Deere 410 e thumb attachment  One of the best features on a John Deere 410 Backhoe could possibly e the extendahoe. It allows for you to reach even the hardest places, cuts down on unnecessary positioning and improves operating ten fold. 

The only thing that could possibly make this Backhoe any better is adding a backhoe thumb attachment. You'll improve your ability to handle material ,stop damaging material and improve operating time to name a few.

We suggest a 32" or 36" Thumb for this machine based off its operating weight, the type of thumb you'll depends on your specific needs. Below is a list of or suggested backhoe thumb attachments for this machine. 

Suggested backhoe thumbs :

At we offer factory direct prices up to 45% off MSRP, allowing our customers to get the best price possible on quality equipment attachments. You can place your order online and receive your attachment within 5-7 business days, making it fast and easy for you to get back to the things that matter most. 

Mini Excavator Thumb Attachments in Tampa Florida for Sale February 16 2015, 0 Comments

Tampa, FL Mini Excavator Thumb Attachment for Sale One of the nice things about living in a warm climate like Tampa Florida is that the seasonal economic impact experienced in other parts of the country due to weather don't effect us as much. Especially in the construction industry. We get to experience steady year round work that others would kill for. 

After reviewing a list of the largest on going construction projects in the Tampa Bay Business Journal, it becomes clear that there is a lot of work going on around the area. I know what your thinking, thats great for the big guys but whats that mean for my small business? Simply put more work. When money is being spent that typically indicates more money in the economy as a whole.They question you should be asking is what can i do to improve my business? 

The easy answer is reinvest in new equipment and things that will increase cashflow and productivity. Something as simple as adding a thumb attachment to your excavator or backhoe could help your business more than you think.

You will see an instant return when you purchase a Mini excavator Thumb in the form of increased productivity, added safety on site leading to and the new ability to grab on to any material you can get in your bucket. This ability is invaluable to a lot of our customers. 

We Offer : 

  • Factory Direct Pricing - 45% off MSRP
  • FREE Nationwide Shipping
  • Delivery within 5-7 business days 
  • $25 Discount when you email us for a quote 
  • Thumbs Made in America 

Features of our thumbs: 

  • Sizes 18 - 36" in stock for fast shipping
  • Manual and Hydraulic Functions 
  • Fully retractable 
  • Quick Release pins
  • 7" width for added stability
  • Weld on Mounting is the Nations leading online retailer of Compact excavator thumb attachments. We do anything possible to move mountains for our customers. Call or email us anytime to get a quote on your equipment . 

Brooklyn, New York Mini Excavator Thumb Attachments for Sale February 09 2015, 0 Comments

Manucal thumb attachment for sale New yorkA recent article in Crain's New York Business states, "Residential construction last year increased by 60% according to a recent report from the New York City Building Congress. " this is great news fore those of us in the construction industry. 

The trends in the economy are pointing up, this means opportunity for increase revenue in your business. It's time to get to work and pt your best foot forward. 

One way to secure some of the new opportunities that present you is to reinvest in your business. It's important to reinvest that hard earned money in a way that will bring returns in income, productive and safety.

A Backhoe thumb attachment or a excavator thumb is the perfect solution, you receive instant returns in all three of these categories. You can experience improved safety on site due to added load security. Increase productivity and excavator handling and decreased labor costs.

Our Offer:

Thumb Features :

  • 18" - 36" Thumbs in stock 
  • Hydraulic and Manual Functions
  • Fully Retractable 
  • 7" wide for added stability 
  • 1/2" Thick USA High Grade Steel

Visti for more pictures, specs and pricing. 

Seattle, WA Mini Excavator Thumbs for Sale February 02 2015, 2 Comments

Manual Thumb Attachment for excavator If your in construction in Seattle than your in luck! According to " projects are breaking ground at a quickening pace, with total construction costs for those under construction at $2.8 billion, a level not seen since 2008." For contractors this is great news but what does it mean? It means you need to improve your performance in every way possible. A thumb Attachment can do just that.  

With a thumb attachment added to your mini excavator or backhoe you'll enjoy benefits such as improved operating, handling and the safety and capability to secure loads being moved anywhere on site. This will improve production and ensure against things such as damaging material.

We offer factory direct pricing on all thumb 18" - 36" up to 45% off the MSRP. Plus Nation wide Free Shipping within 5-7 business days.

With features including hydraulic and mechanical thumb adjustment,fully retractable when not in use, a 7" width for added stability,  fabricated from 1/2" thick USA High Grade steel our thumbs are heavy duty and ready to take on any job that comes your way. 

We are here to move mountains for you and are on a mission to gain your business for all your equipment attachment needs over time. We pride ourselves on service and so if your in the market for a great thumb at a fair prices call us today or check out our thumbs at


Mini Excavator and Backhoe thumbs for sale in Michigan January 30 2015, 0 Comments

Manual Thumb Attachment While reading a recent article,  MEDC Promotes $90 Million in Construction Projects, it became clear that one thing is certain. Construction in Michigan is back on the rise. Its time for you as a contractor to increase productivity and safety.

Give your mini excavator or backhoe an upgrade. Adding a thumb attachment will give you added control, improved handling and the ability to secure and carry a variety of material. 

With added control comes improved safety on site as well as improved performance and productivity. add to that our offer and you can't afford not to purchase a thumb attachment. 

We offer :

Features include:

  • Fully Retractable 
  • 7" wide for increased stability
  • Heavy Duty design
  • Made from 1/2" think USA high grade steel
  • Manual, Basic and Fully hydraulic models

Our goal is to become the best place in the market to purchase your mini excavator and backhoe attachments. We will move mountains for you as our customer and work hard to serve you the best we can. Order today and receive your thumb within 5-7 business days.


New Orleans Compact Excavator Thumb Attachments for Sale January 28 2015, 0 Comments

Excavator Thumb Attachments New Orleans  The out look for contractors in New Orleans is promising. According to an article in The Advocate, "Metro New Orleans is project to add about 11,000 jobs through 2015, a 1 percent annual growth rate, thanks to construction spending, including $8.9 billion in public sector projects." 

For you as a contractor that means add revenue to your bottom line and new opportunities and avenues for projects. As you get new work its important to keep cost low and increase productivity to build business and trust. By adding a thumb attachment to your compact excavator you can do exactly that. 

The added benefits of a thumb attachment include increase safety on the job-site. With the ability to secure loads you'll not only improve safety but increase production and even cut down on costs by decreasing the likely hood of damaging material. 

We offer:

Features include:

  • Three functions : Mechanical, Basic Hydraulic, Fully Hydraulic 
  • Fully Retractable when not in use.
  • Heavy Duty, Made from USA 1/2" thick High Grade Steel
  • 7" width for increase load stability
  • Sizes 18" - 36" 
  • Weld on mounting 

We do custom manufacture larger thumbs if you measure your machine and need something bigger. We always advise that you check out our site for measuring instructions. It's always better to measure twice, order once. 

We have a simple mission, deliver factory direct pricing to our customers with the best customer service in the business. We move mountains for our customers it's that simple. 




Excavator Thumb Attachments in Maine For Sale January 16 2015, 2 Comments

36 inch mechanical excavator thumbConstruction firms are hiring again!  According to a press release from the Associated General Contractors of America construction firms added 48,000 jobs in December. This means that there is an increase in the amount of over all construction related work through out the nation. 

With new work available it is important for you as a contractor to be able to provide the best possible service at a low cost to gain new and repeat business. 

Give yourself an instant return on investment and purchase a thumb attachment for your excavator or backhoe. 

By adding a Thumb Attachment to your compact excavator you are are doing much more than increasing the over all value of the machine. You will benefit from added control that will prove useful for any part of your job. Gaining increased performance while operating and handling material will speed up productivity , saving you on labor cost and head aches associate with operating an excavator. 

You can purchase a new thumb for up to 45% off msrp with our factory direct pricing on all size thumbs. Our competitors can't even come close.

Click here to view our  Mechanical thumbs starting at $375 or Hydraulic thumbs starting at $585


We have an inventory or 18 inch - 36 inch Mechanical and hydraulic compact excavator thumb attachments in stock. With Free shipping anywhere in the Nation in 5-7 business days you are sure to find a great value. 

If your looking for a Heavy Duty Mini Excavator Thumb look no further. At 7" wide and made from 1/2: thick USA High grade steel, you can trust that these thumbs are built to last. 

Our goal is simple, we want to deliver factory direct pricing on high quality equipment attachments to all of our customers. We are here to stay and looking to built your trust and gain your business one product at a time. Give andrew a call at (216) 210- 6776 for a quote. 



Mechanical and Hydraulic Thumb Attachments in New Jersey for Sale January 12 2015, 0 Comments

If there is one thing that happens often in New Jersey it is construction and hard work. But if we can find a way to make that hard work a easier and save some money at the same time its a win win. 

Humans have thumbs for a reason, they make life easier. Isn't that the reason we use machine on job sites anyway?Adding a thumb to your excavator or backhoe can make life much easier.


Give your excavator added control that will allow you to move a variety of material including boulders, trees, hardscape etc. By adding a thumb you gain the ability to secure your material. In the long run you'll save time and money on your project. 

Our thumbs are 7" wide and made from 1/2 thick USA Grade Steel. With a heavy duty build our thumb attachments are bigger and better in every way. Making sure that you can depend on your thumb day in and day out. offers factory direct pricing up to 45% off the MSRP to all our customers. Add to that FREE shipping nationwide within 5-7 business days on all thumbs and the fact that we carry sizes between 18"-36" in stock and you've got an amazing deal. 

If you measure your machine and need something bigger, we can customer build a thumb for your machine. To find out exactly what size you need visit our article on measuring for your thumb.

Our goal is to deliver deep factory discounts on heavy duty, high quality products to our customers. We will move mountains for you, to gain your business the old fashion way. By delivering great service and a great product, securing your business for life, 

To get a quote today give Andrew a call at (216) 210 - 6776