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Atlanta Georgia Equipment Thumb Attachment Sales March 26 2015, 0 Comments

Thumb Attachment Equipment for Sale in Atlanta, GA

Construction in the Atlanta Area is on the rise according to the Huffington Post article I recently read. The trends definitely show signs of hope for those of us in the construction industry. There is no better time then now to reinvest in your company and equipment so you can do your best work. Our flagship product, the MiniThumb will allow you to do just that. is the first choice online supplier of Compact Excavator thumb attachment for backhoe and mini excavators in the Atlanta area. We have sold hundreds of thumbs to happy customers all over Georgia even though we are located in Cleveland, OH where our profession staff manufacture our thumbs from high grade American Made Steel. With Free Shipping to Anywhere in the United States within 5-7 business days we like to consider ourselves a Nation wide Company. 

Mini Thumb Attachments Offer

Manual Thumb for Excavator in GeorgiaClick below for Pricing and Pictures.

We carry sizes 18" - 36" thumbs in stock, ensuring they are ready to ship from the minute you place your order. With three different styles of thumbs we have something for any need you may have. Made from 1/2 " thick high grade steel they stand 4" wide with teeth through out the entire length to give you the best grip possible. Email us today for a suggested size and receive a $25 off code when you order within one week.