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Backhoe Thumb Attachment for a JCB 215s Backhoe March 24 2015, 0 Comments

JCB 215s Mechanical Backhoe thumb attachment

JCB 215s Backhoe Mechanical Thumb 

This is a powerful backhoe, capable of any job you can find for it. The JCB 215 backhoe offers superior comfort with an enclosed cab, plenty of leg room and great visibility. Like any machine it can do just about any job its mean for but often times you need it to do things it wasn't meant to do. Thats when adding an equipment attachment to your machine is the best option. 

The attachment of choice by all backhoe operators is the thumb attachment. weather it be Mechanical or hydraulic ( depending on your specific needs ) it allows you to do so much more than dig. Even a simple manual backhoe thumb will improve capability ten fold. 

Benefits of a Backhoe thumb

  • Lift almost anything you can imagine ( demo debris, railroad ties, trees ect.)
  • Added load stability and control 
  • Decrease the over all damage to material 
  • It's like having an extra man on the job

We suggest a 36" Backhoe Thumb for a JCB 215s

Click above for prices, pictures and specs. 

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