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Case CX31 Mini Excavator Thumb Attachment Size April 14 2015, 0 Comments

Case CX 31 mini excavator thumb

Case CX31 Suggested Thumb Size 

The Case CX31 is a tough compact excavator as is but if you want to improve the performance, capability and over all capacity of this machine you may want to reinvest in a thumb attachment. With one simple weld on thumb you can improve your operating ability, secure material safely on-site and much more. Ask anyone thats ever operated an excavator, this one attachment is well worth the cost. Especially and prices up to 45 % off MSRP.  

For this Case cx31 suggests a 24" thumb attachment based on the operating weight of the machine. 

Thumb Prices for a Case cx31

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The style thumb you select will depend on your specific needs and may very from job to job. You will also need to make sure that your machine is plumbed for a hydraulic thumb if thats what your looking for. We currently carry 3 different styles of thumbs Manual, Basic Hydraulic and Fully Hydraulic.

Manual thumbs require you to move the pins in order to adjust the position of the thumb. The basic hydraulic is a cross between the manual and fully hydraulic, it allows you to adjust the position with the us of hydraulics however to fully retract the thumb when not in use you must remove a pin. The fully hydraulic allows for complete automation.

In order to get the most accurate size we suggest you measure the machine. This only takes five minutes.
Measuring Instructions for a Backhoe thumb
1. Place the stick of the machine straight and the bucket angle to form a 90 degree angle with the stick.
2. Measure from the Stick of the machine to the teeth or edge of the bucket.


Case CX31 Mini Excavator Features and Specs March 31 2015, 0 Comments

Case CX31 Mini Excavator Specs

Specs for Case CX31 Compact Excavator :

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Case CX31 Features :

  • PRODUCTIVITY-This Mini excavator is a great addition to any utility or landscape fleet and is sure to serve any need you may have for it. With features like a zero tail swing design and an independent center swing boom you'll experience unobstructed operation in tight spaces , close to obstacles , builds and trees. This alone will prove to save you money with less damage to the material and machine itself. 
  • BUILT TO LAST - Undercarriage with plate guards to prevent damage to hydraulic motors.
  • EASY SERVICEABILITY -With a one piece swing-out side access panel, grouped hydraulics and rear engine access its never been easier to check on and maintain your equipment.


Emission Rating Tier 4 Final
Engine make / model Yanmar 3TNV88F-E
Net Power - hp (kW) 23.1 (17.2)
Rated rpm - rpm 2400
Max speed - mph (kph) 2.7 (4.4)
Max. Drawbar pull - lbf (kN) 8655 (38.5)
Main pumps max. rated flow – gpm (L/min) 2 x 10.1 (2 x 38.4)
Relief pressure, main - PSI (bar) 3336 (230)
Boom length - ft/in (mm)
8 ft 1 in (2460)
Arm length - ft/in (mm)
4 ft 4 in (1320)
Arm digging force - lb (kN)
4294 (19.1)
Max. Dig Depth - ft/in (mm) 9 ft 3 in (2820)
Dig radius at groundline - ft/in (mm) 16 ft 6 in (5040)
Dump Height - ft/in (mm) 11 ft 3 in (3420)
Lift over end, 10' (3 050 mm) radius - lbs (kg) 2970 (1340)
Lift over end, Max. reach - lbs (kg) 1790 (810)
Lift over side, 10' (3050 mm) radius - lbs (kg) 1430 (640)
Lift over side, Max. reach - lbs (kg) 880 (390)
Tail Swing Radius - ft/in (mm) 2 ft 7 in (775)
Ground Clearance - inches (mm) 11.8 (300)
Operating Weight - lbs (kg) 7672 (3480)