How to Level ground for Patio with a Bobcat 331 Excavator May 28 2016, 1 Comment

Here's another great video from Dirt Ninja on how to get things done with your Mini Excavator. In this video you'll see a quick and easy way to level out the area your preparing to put your stone patio on.

The operator in this quick how to clip is using the popular Bobcat 331 Mini Excavator. You can typically pick this machine up for the weekend at your local equipment rental company.

Quick Tip to Level land With Mini Excavator

Keep in mind you'll need a Thumb Attachment for the Bobcat 331 to take advantage of this tip.

No thumb on your machine? Not a problem. If you need a Hydraulic Thumb for a Bobcat 331 visit

When you don't have a grading bucket available you can quickly and easily use a 4x4 as the straight edge to drag your sand or gravel to a level grade. Be sure to take note that the operator is doing this in small sections and then using the finished section as a guide to full the grade of the current section.

Sometimes all it takes to get a job done is a little thinking on your feet. You'll be surprised at how everything turns out.