Why build your own Mini Excavator Thumb Attachment? September 10 2014, 4 Comments

We see a lot of people out there are curious about building there own thumb attachments. Our own customers tell us that before they found us they were considering buying a kit and building one themselves. 

The honest truth is that building your own mini excavator thumb just isn't worth the time and hassle. Why build one when we sell them for a fraction of what you can build them for? In order to build your own mini excavator thumb you would need bulk purchasing power and would be left with extra material.Lets not forget about the specialized tools along with welding ability.


So If you are considering building your own thumb ask yourself a few questions first.

  1. Would it be cheaper to build a excavator thumb myself ? Often times it would actually cost your more in time and money, especially when MiniExcavatorthumbs.com sells weld on excavator and backhoe thumb attachments at 40 percent lower than retail.
  2. Do I have the tools and material? The tools we use to build mini excavator thumbs are very expensive and we hire highly paid professionals to put these things together. This ensures you are getting a quality product that will last over time.
  3. If I purchased a kit how long would it take to build? Your time is valuable and you would rather be spending your hours after a long hard day at work relaxing rather than messing around trying to build a thumb. Our thumbs typically arrive within 5 -7 business days.

So the choice is clear. There is no need to try and build a mini excavator thumb attachment when you can buy one brand new for half the cost, saving you both time and money. 




Mr. Mini Excavator Thumbs