Mechanical and Hydraulic Thumb Attachments in New Jersey for Sale January 12 2015, 0 Comments

If there is one thing that happens often in New Jersey it is construction and hard work. But if we can find a way to make that hard work a easier and save some money at the same time its a win win. 

Humans have thumbs for a reason, they make life easier. Isn't that the reason we use machine on job sites anyway?Adding a thumb to your excavator or backhoe can make life much easier.


Give your excavator added control that will allow you to move a variety of material including boulders, trees, hardscape etc. By adding a thumb you gain the ability to secure your material. In the long run you'll save time and money on your project. 

Our thumbs are 7" wide and made from 1/2 thick USA Grade Steel. With a heavy duty build our thumb attachments are bigger and better in every way. Making sure that you can depend on your thumb day in and day out. offers factory direct pricing up to 45% off the MSRP to all our customers. Add to that FREE shipping nationwide within 5-7 business days on all thumbs and the fact that we carry sizes between 18"-36" in stock and you've got an amazing deal. 

If you measure your machine and need something bigger, we can customer build a thumb for your machine. To find out exactly what size you need visit our article on measuring for your thumb.

Our goal is to deliver deep factory discounts on heavy duty, high quality products to our customers. We will move mountains for you, to gain your business the old fashion way. By delivering great service and a great product, securing your business for life, 

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