Excavator Thumb Attachments in Maine For Sale January 16 2015, 2 Comments

36 inch mechanical excavator thumbConstruction firms are hiring again!  According to a press release from the Associated General Contractors of America construction firms added 48,000 jobs in December. This means that there is an increase in the amount of over all construction related work through out the nation. 

With new work available it is important for you as a contractor to be able to provide the best possible service at a low cost to gain new and repeat business. 

Give yourself an instant return on investment and purchase a thumb attachment for your excavator or backhoe. 

By adding a Thumb Attachment to your compact excavator you are are doing much more than increasing the over all value of the machine. You will benefit from added control that will prove useful for any part of your job. Gaining increased performance while operating and handling material will speed up productivity , saving you on labor cost and head aches associate with operating an excavator. 

You can purchase a new thumb for up to 45% off msrp with our factory direct pricing on all size thumbs. Our competitors can't even come close.

Click here to view our  Mechanical thumbs starting at $375 or Hydraulic thumbs starting at $585


We have an inventory or 18 inch - 36 inch Mechanical and hydraulic compact excavator thumb attachments in stock. With Free shipping anywhere in the Nation in 5-7 business days you are sure to find a great value. 

If your looking for a Heavy Duty Mini Excavator Thumb look no further. At 7" wide and made from 1/2: thick USA High grade steel, you can trust that these thumbs are built to last. 

Our goal is simple, we want to deliver factory direct pricing on high quality equipment attachments to all of our customers. We are here to stay and looking to built your trust and gain your business one product at a time. Give andrew a call at (216) 210- 6776 for a quote.