Denver, CO Mini Excavator Thumb Attachments - Mechanical and Hydraulic for Sale January 26 2015, 0 Comments

Mechanical Mini Excavator Thumb for sale in Denver, COAccording to a recent article from the "A lot of people only think about hiring a landscaper in the spring," says Becky Garber, communications director for the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado. As a contractor you know its never to early to start preparing for the spring season. As a matter of fact winter is the perfect time to take advantage of huge savings.

This is the time to purchase a mini excavator thumb while prices remain low due to winter. You'll save up to 45% off MSRP on all thumbs if you purchase one of our thumbs during the winter months. 

A thumb attachment will give you the added control and stability your looking for while carrying a variety of material including boulders, trees and other hardscape across the site. 

We offer factory direct pricing on all Mechanical and Hydraulic thumbs, plus Free shipping within 5-7 business days to anywhere in the nation. 

Thumb Attachment Pricing:

With a Heavy Duty design our thumbs are 7" wide and made from 1/2 thick USA High Grade steel and allow for the thumb to lay flat against the arm of the machine. Ensuring that it'll be ready when you need it and out of the way when you don't.