New Orleans Compact Excavator Thumb Attachments for Sale January 28 2015, 0 Comments

Excavator Thumb Attachments New Orleans  The out look for contractors in New Orleans is promising. According to an article in The Advocate, "Metro New Orleans is project to add about 11,000 jobs through 2015, a 1 percent annual growth rate, thanks to construction spending, including $8.9 billion in public sector projects." 

For you as a contractor that means add revenue to your bottom line and new opportunities and avenues for projects. As you get new work its important to keep cost low and increase productivity to build business and trust. By adding a thumb attachment to your compact excavator you can do exactly that. 

The added benefits of a thumb attachment include increase safety on the job-site. With the ability to secure loads you'll not only improve safety but increase production and even cut down on costs by decreasing the likely hood of damaging material. 

We offer:

Features include:

  • Three functions : Mechanical, Basic Hydraulic, Fully Hydraulic 
  • Fully Retractable when not in use.
  • Heavy Duty, Made from USA 1/2" thick High Grade Steel
  • 7" width for increase load stability
  • Sizes 18" - 36" 
  • Weld on mounting 

We do custom manufacture larger thumbs if you measure your machine and need something bigger. We always advise that you check out our site for measuring instructions. It's always better to measure twice, order once. 

We have a simple mission, deliver factory direct pricing to our customers with the best customer service in the business. We move mountains for our customers it's that simple.