Mini Excavator and Backhoe thumbs for sale in Michigan January 30 2015, 0 Comments

Manual Thumb Attachment While reading a recent article,  MEDC Promotes $90 Million in Construction Projects, it became clear that one thing is certain. Construction in Michigan is back on the rise. Its time for you as a contractor to increase productivity and safety.

Give your mini excavator or backhoe an upgrade. Adding a thumb attachment will give you added control, improved handling and the ability to secure and carry a variety of material. 

With added control comes improved safety on site as well as improved performance and productivity. add to that our offer and you can't afford not to purchase a thumb attachment. 

We offer :

Features include:

  • Fully Retractable 
  • 7" wide for increased stability
  • Heavy Duty design
  • Made from 1/2" think USA high grade steel
  • Manual, Basic and Fully hydraulic models

Our goal is to become the best place in the market to purchase your mini excavator and backhoe attachments. We will move mountains for you as our customer and work hard to serve you the best we can. Order today and receive your thumb within 5-7 business days.