Seattle, WA Mini Excavator Thumbs for Sale February 02 2015, 2 Comments

Manual Thumb Attachment for excavator If your in construction in Seattle than your in luck! According to " projects are breaking ground at a quickening pace, with total construction costs for those under construction at $2.8 billion, a level not seen since 2008." For contractors this is great news but what does it mean? It means you need to improve your performance in every way possible. A thumb Attachment can do just that.  

With a thumb attachment added to your mini excavator or backhoe you'll enjoy benefits such as improved operating, handling and the safety and capability to secure loads being moved anywhere on site. This will improve production and ensure against things such as damaging material.

We offer factory direct pricing on all thumb 18" - 36" up to 45% off the MSRP. Plus Nation wide Free Shipping within 5-7 business days.

With features including hydraulic and mechanical thumb adjustment,fully retractable when not in use, a 7" width for added stability,  fabricated from 1/2" thick USA High Grade steel our thumbs are heavy duty and ready to take on any job that comes your way. 

We are here to move mountains for you and are on a mission to gain your business for all your equipment attachment needs over time. We pride ourselves on service and so if your in the market for a great thumb at a fair prices call us today or check out our thumbs at