Brooklyn, New York Mini Excavator Thumb Attachments for Sale February 09 2015, 0 Comments

Manucal thumb attachment for sale New yorkA recent article in Crain's New York Business states, "Residential construction last year increased by 60% according to a recent report from the New York City Building Congress. " this is great news fore those of us in the construction industry. 

The trends in the economy are pointing up, this means opportunity for increase revenue in your business. It's time to get to work and pt your best foot forward. 

One way to secure some of the new opportunities that present you is to reinvest in your business. It's important to reinvest that hard earned money in a way that will bring returns in income, productive and safety.

A Backhoe thumb attachment or a excavator thumb is the perfect solution, you receive instant returns in all three of these categories. You can experience improved safety on site due to added load security. Increase productivity and excavator handling and decreased labor costs.

Our Offer:

Thumb Features :

  • 18" - 36" Thumbs in stock 
  • Hydraulic and Manual Functions
  • Fully Retractable 
  • 7" wide for added stability 
  • 1/2" Thick USA High Grade Steel

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