Caterpillar 303C CR Hydraulic Excavator Thumb for Sale February 13 2015, 11 Comments

Cat 303C CR Mini Excavator Thumb for sale  This Cat 303C is fast enough to get a job on schedule and will perform for you in many ways. It has plenty of lift capacity allowing you to move 900 lbs with ease. The smooth operating allows for precise moments and comes in hand often. 

The only way to make this machine any better would be to install a hydraulic thumb attachment for increased stability and load security.

We recommend a 30" Hydraulic Thumb for this machine based off the operating weight. Our thumbs are up to 45% off the price of our competition, thats right, factory direct pricing on all thumbs.

Manufactured right here in America, Made from 1/2" thick USA high grade steel we can assure you that our thumbs are built to take anything you can throw there way. We have even added an additional 1" for a total of 7" width adding extra stability to your load.  

Our Thumbs Hydraulic Thumbs start at $585 follow the link for pictures, pieces and additional information .

They feature such things as,  hydraulic and manual functions for positioning, full retraction so they are not in the way way you don't need them, weld on mounting and sizes between 18" - 36" thumbs in stock. 

Our customers love that they save huge on such quality equipment.