Thumb Attachment for a John Deere 410 Backhoe February 18 2015, 4 Comments

John Deere 410 e thumb attachment  One of the best features on a John Deere 410 Backhoe could possibly e the extendahoe. It allows for you to reach even the hardest places, cuts down on unnecessary positioning and improves operating ten fold. 

The only thing that could possibly make this Backhoe any better is adding a backhoe thumb attachment. You'll improve your ability to handle material ,stop damaging material and improve operating time to name a few.

We suggest a 32" or 36" Thumb for this machine based off its operating weight, the type of thumb you'll depends on your specific needs. Below is a list of or suggested backhoe thumb attachments for this machine. 

Suggested backhoe thumbs :

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