Hitachi EX30-2 Manual and Hydraulic Mini Excavator Thumb Attachment March 18 2015, 0 Comments

Hitachi EX30 Mini Excavator Thumb Size This is a great compact piece of machinery on its own but if your want to enhance your operating ability we strongly suggest you consider attaching a 24" Mechanical or Hydraulic thumb. This size is based off your machines operating weight and may vary based on bucket size and other implement. 

For the most accurate size follow our simple measuring instructions . It only takes about 5 min and will ensure your thumb doesn't bind up in your bucket. If your not certain go one size up/

Hitachi ex30 Mini Excavator Suggest Size for a Thumb

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We offer 3 different different styles of thumbs to give you a variety of options for whatever your needs may be. Our Manual option adjusts to three different positions and fully retracts with a pull of the pin. The Basic Hydraulic model is a hybrid and in order for it to fully retract against the arm you must remove the pin while the Fully Hydraulic retracts entirely by hydraulics . You will want to make sure your machine is plumbed for this feature. 

When you order a Mini Thumb you can expect great quality and service at an affordable price. Especially with prices up to 45% off MSRP we make it a true value when your looking for ways to improve productivity and performance. On a dollar/cost basis you can be certain your getting your moneys worth.