JCB 214E Backhoe Loader Thumb Attachment Size April 09 2015, 3 Comments

JCB 215 E Backhoe Thumb Size The JCB 214E is already a great machine but if your looking to reinvest in your equipment a great place to start would be the purchase of a backhoe thumb attachment. With one simple weld on thumb you can improve your operating ability, secure material safely on-site and much more. It's almost like having another man on the job. 

For this JCB suggests a 36" thumb attachment based on the operating weight of the machine. The next question you need to answer is what type of thumb you require. 

3 Types of Thumb attachments for a JCB 214E

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In order to get the most accurate size we suggest you measure the machine. This only takes five minutes.
Measuring Instructions for a Backhoe thumb
1. Place the stick of the machine straight and the bucket angle to form a 90 degree angle with the stick.
2. Measure from the Stick of the machine to the teeth or edge of the bucket.