Cat 303.5 Mini Excavator Thumb - Suggested Size May 07 2015, 8 Comments

 Cat 303.5 Thumb

Tired of not being able to get a grip on your material?If your looking to improve your Caterpillar 303.5 adding a manual or hydraulic thumb attachment will allow you to get a handle on any material increasing the value of your machine in many ways.  recommends a 27" thumb based on your machines operating weight. 

Our Manual and Hydraulic Thumb Prices :

  • 27" Weld-On Mechanical Thumb - $475.00 (manual adjusts to 3 positions)
  • 27" Weld-On Fully Hydraulic - $710.00 (fully retracts against stick using only hydraulics)
  • 27" Pin-on Hydraulic Thumb - $1,260.00 (Built to Spec)
In order to get the most accurate size we suggest you measure your machine as the needed size may vary due to other attachments such as a quick connect. This only takes five minutes.

Thumb Measuring Instructions:

1. Place the stick of the machine straight and the bucket angle to form a 90 degree angle with the stick.
2. Measure from the Stick of the machine to the teeth or edge of the bucket.
If you measure your machine and need something larger please email us with the length for a quote. At we move mountains for our customers so you can move mountains for yours. We are dedicated to providing a quality product at an affordable price. Making us the #1 online retailer of Thumb Attachments. Place your order online or give us a call today at 216-400-8222.