Kubota KX71-3 Mini Excavator Thumb - Suggested Size May 29 2015, 5 Comments

Kubota Mini Excavator Kubota is taking a strong stance and becoming more and more popular these days. Just look around, dealers are sprouting up all over. In the last three years I've seen three new dealers pop up near me alone.  in the attachment business we at MiniExcavatorThumbs.com are constantly getting more and inquires for the Kubota Compact Excavators. For this Kubota KX71-3 Mini Excavator we suggest a 24"Manual or Hydraulic Thumb  based on the operating weight for this equipment.


We offer 24" Thumb Attachment for Kubota KX71-3

  • Prices up to 45% off MSRP
  • Based on an operating weight of 6,300 lbs.
  • Manual and Hydraulic Styles available 
  • Free Shipping anywhere in the USA

With an offer like ours the only thing you need to ask your self is can you afford not to purchase this for your machine? If your still looking for a a good reason you may want to consider some of the following benefits you'll receive from weld on a thumb -

  • The ability to grab any material, debris or landscape
  • Increased onsite productivity
  • More safety for your crew and while transporting material
  • Improved resale when selling your excavator

These are just a few of the many bonuses you'll receive when you attach a thumb to your mini but lets face it. The most important value to you will be the ability to complete jobs that would other wise be a hassle and take more time than your willing to put in. And for those times when it gets in your way you can simply pin the thumb up against the stick of the machine and be on your way. Place an order on MiniExcavatorThumbs.com