5 Benefits of Adding a Hydraulic Thumb to your Excavator May 19 2015, 0 Comments

Hydraulic Mini Excavator Thumb Attachment  


Best Selling Hydraulic Thumb -

The fully hydraulic style thumb is our most popular thumb attachment style among our contractors and landscaper customers at MiniExcavatorThumbs.com and for good reason. When our customers look at the value added and compare it to the cost of the thumb, they find themselves thinking they can't afford to not to purchase this for their machine. With our line of thumb attachment priced at up to 45 percent off MSRP it becomes clear, the benefits far outweigh the cost. 

5 Added Benefits of Hydraulic Thumbs

  1. Increased Value - With a thumb mounted to the stick of your machine you have just added to the over all value and price of your machine will command upon the sale. We sell weld on thumb attachments once added they are part of the machine, it is possible to remove them but read Benefit 5 to see why you don't want to.
  2. Extra Stability and Safety- Improve operation while maneuvering and handling material across the job site with applied pressure. This alone will provide safety on site for you and your people on site. How doesn't want a safer work environment? 
  3. More Productivity - Unlike the manual thumb that requires constant positioning by getting off and on the machine, removing pins and adjusting the thumb to fit the material. With a hydraulic thumb you can control everything from the comfort of the cab, cutting down on the time spent making adjustment. Allowing you to get things done faster.
  4. Get a grip - Lets face it when your working with a bucket alone sometimes you just can't grab ahold of all the material making it necessary for more movement and eating up precious time. A hydraulic thumb lets you keep more material in the bucket improving your ability to load and unload everything from Construction and Demolition Debris to Landscape Material.  
  5. Easier to sell - We get numbers calls from customer who are in the processes of putting their Compact Excavator or Backhoe on the market and either the person looking to buy the machine wants them to add a thumb or they want to improve the marketability. Think about it, would you rather purchase a machine with or without a thumb? I prefer the later.

To make a long story short you don't have to try hard to find reasons why you need to weld a thumb on to your machine. The hardest part is finding a reliable hydraulic thumb attachment at an affordable price, and we have you cover on that one. These thumbs are worth every penny. visit us at www.miniexcavatorthumbs.com or give us a call for a quote.