Thumb Attachment for Kubota B26 Loader Backhoe June 09 2015, 12 Comments

Kubota Backhoe with Thumb Attachment  Don't let the size of the Kubota B26 Backhoe fool you. This machine can handle a variety of applications from personal to commercial use. Whether your moving manure on a farm or digging drainage systems for a client the versatility of the B26 Backhoe will prove useful. By attaching a thumb from to your backhoe you'll receive even greater application with the added capability to grab and grip material that proved frustrating with just a bucket. Based on the operating weight of  the Kubtoa B26 (4001 lbs.) we suggest a 21" Thumb Attachment. We also recommend you measure your machine before purchasing to ensure accurate sizing. We currently offer a 21" thumb attachment in 3 different types to fit whatever your needs may be. 

Thumb Attachment Models Include: 

  • 21" Manual Thumb - This thumb is a simple heavy duty design that allows for you to change the angle of the thumb to three different positions. This is done by removing the and adjusting to the appropriate slot. 
  • 21" Basic Hydraulic Thumb - This Semi hydraulic  thumb allows for you to adjust the positioning of the thumb to a certain extend but still requires you to remove a pin to allow for the thumb to fully retract against the stick of the machine.
  • 21" Fully Hydraulic Thumb - One of the most popular styles we offer, the fully hydraulic thumb allows for the ease of adjustment from the comfort of the cab while being able to retract entirely with the hydraulics. 

The type you choose will depend on your specific needs and the set up of your machine. In order to install a hydraulic thumb to a machine you must first make sure your machine is plumbed for the hydraulic lines. No matter what your needs may be we can help so check out the site or give us a all today.