Mini Excavator Thumb Kit vs. May 27 2015, 4 Comments

Manual Excavator Attachment    vs.   Weld on Thumb attachment kit

Thumb Attachment kits are a pain. Just buy new

Seeing as is the premier retailer of mini excavator and backhoe thumb attachments online we tend to get a lot of inquires about mini excavator thumb kits and backhoe excavator thumb alike. I thought I'd take some time to help all you hard working individuals make the easy decision. 

To start, try searching google for a thumb attachment kit. Odds are you won't find much and if you are lucky enough to stumble across something it won't be promising. Over our time in the attachment business we've seen plenty of guys that think its simple and easy go out of business each year and a new one pops up to fail again shortly after.

I personally was looking for prices on  kits just to do some research for this article. After an hour or so of looking I came across a 18" Manual thumb kit on eBay pictured on the right above. Ill use these two products as references for this discussion. 

www.Mini   vs   DIY 18" Thumb Attachment Kit  

  • Affordable -Priced up to 45% off MSRP               
  • Delivered in 7-10 business days 
  • Sizes 18" - 36" in stock 
  • Heavy Duty Design 
  • Built to Last for real work
  • Takes 20 min to install 
  • Affordable 
  • Only offer two sizes  on Ebay
  • Requires 1 hour to weld  
  • A Fun Project  
  • You'll destroy it in a month
  • No returns       


The Choice is clear, if your going to spend the money, spend it on something that was built to last. Thats what we offer. A quality product at an affordable price. When it come down to it most of our customers agree its easier to spend a little extra up front than worry about the life of the attachment, the quality of the welds and the material it was made out of. If your still having a hard time making your decision check out these forms on tractor by net on guys who have built there own thumb. I will caution you. Unless you are a skilled welder or metal worker this is not a task I would recommend undertaking. Leave it to the professionals so you can focus on providing the best services to your customers or spend that extra time getting things down around the property.