5 Great Mini Excavators June 04 2015, 1 Comment

Top 5 Compact Excavators based on our customers

A compact excavator can come in handy for all sorts of jobs from digging ditches for pipe to planting and grading for a landscape design job. They are ideal for those jobs where a larger machine would just get in the way or cause to much damage. Mini Excavators allow for precision and accuracy. Not to mention they are much easier to transport. 

Seeing as we at BMA Equipment Sales Inc. are in the business of selling mini excavator thumbs we always find out what people across the US are using to complete their work. Over the past few months we've have complied a list of all the Mini's our customers are ordering excavator thumbs for. I took it upon myself to cross reference this list with the top five excavators list complied by Durante Rentals to see if they match up. 

1.Kubota KX 121 Mini Excavator 


2. Komatsu PC 35 Mini Excavator 


  • High Strength X track frame
  • Wide opening engine hood
  • Tilt up operator compartment 
  • Excellent visibility 
  • Tight Tail Swing

3. Bobcat E35 Compact 

  • Unrestricted Rotation 
  • Selectable Aux Hydraulic Flow
  • Closed center valve system 
  • Dual Direct Detent 
  • Fingertip Swing Control

4. Cat 304 Compact Excavator

  • 200 Degree Bucket Rotation 
  • Angel Blade option and Floating function 
  • Compass display panel 

5.Takeuchi TB 135 

  • Cat iron, wrap around protective counterweight 
  • Variable displacement piston pumps
  • Two speed travel 
  • Main boom cylinder guard 

These are just a few of the many Mini to Mid size excavators that our customers request Manual and Hydraulic thumb attachments for. If your looking to find a great excavator these are the top brands that you should take a look at, there popularity alone makes them a viable purchase.