Caterpillar BH30w Backhoe Attachment Thumb June 17 2015, 1 Comment

Cat Backhoe BH30w AttachmentFor the most part you'll get every capability with the Caterpillar BH30w Backhoe Attachment you would get from a small mini excavator. However, if you really want the same function and ability it's important to outfit it with a Thumb Attachment to give you even more possibilities. At we've sold a number of thumbs for these skid steer backhoe attachments. We recommend our customers go with an 18"  or 21" thumb depending on the size of this add on. You always want to measure your machine for accuracy before purchasing.                      


Thumb Attachment for BH30W 

The arm of this attachment is very small and narrow. This can make it a little more difficult to weld on your thumb attachment but it is still very possible. Wether your going with a Manual or Hydraulic thumb its important that the thumb extend out further than the teeth of the bucket to prevent binding. We suggest the 18" and 21" Thumbs based on the size and weight of this machine. 

If your looking to improve the performance and value of your attachment for a small investment than look no further. We ship Free to the continental US and have exactly what you need.