Komatsu PC 70 Manual and Hydraulic Thumb Size July 08 2015, 0 Comments

Komatsu pc70 thumb attachment The Komatsu pc70 Mid size Excavator provides the perfect amount power to perform constant heavy digging on your job. It's size and breakout force make it able to dig all day long but like all excavators it lacks the ability grab and hold material. That's were our  weld on a MINI thumb attachment comes in. When you equip your excavator with a thumb you increase the capabilities ten fold. At we offer a 3 styles and multiple sizes to fit our customers machines. 

PC 70 Thumb Attachment Size

The style thumb you require will depend on your jobs and your specific needs. We offer Mechanical, Basic Hydraulic and Fully Hydraulic style thumbs. But first you'll need to determine the size thumb you need. All of our thumb attachments are 7" in width. Based on the operating weight of this machine we suggest a 32" or 36" thumb attachment.

A few things to keep in mind when sizing your machine for a thumb. The thumb should be as long or longer than the teeth of the bucket extend from the stick at a 90 degree angel. This will stop the thumb from binding with the bucket. We suggest you measure the machine before buying. Also make sure your machine is plumbed for hydraulic use if you choose that style. 

Our Weld on Thumb

  • Welds on to Excavator or Backhoe stick
  • Sizes 18 -36" in stock 
  • Ships same day 
  • Free Shipping to continental US
  • Made proudly in the USA is the premier online source for mini excavator thumb attachments. We move mountains for our customers. Call us today to get a free quote.