Kubota kx161-3 Thumb Attachment Size July 07 2015, 2 Comments

Thumb for Kubota 161 Excavator  A Kubota Mini Excavator is a nice machine to have on any project. It can dig, lift, and scoop with ease but when it comes to grabbing a hold of things any excavator will run into some difficulty. That's why you need to weld on a thumb attachment. Any good operator will tell you that having access to a thumb when needed is essential. The nice thing about a thumb from MiniExcavatorThumbs.com is that we offer a variety of styles and sizes to fit our customers needs. 

KX 161 Thumb Size

The style thumb you choose to purchase will depend on your machine and your specific needs. We offer Mechanical, Basic Hydraulic and Fully Hydraulic style thumbs. But first you'll need to determine the size thumb you need. Based on the operating weight of this machine we suggest a 32" or 36" thumb attachment.

A few things to keep in mind when sizing your machine. The thumb should be as long or longer than the teeth of the bucket to prevent the thumb from binding and you'll need to make sure your machine is set up for hydraulic use if that's what your looking for. 

Kubota kx161 thumb attachment

Our Thumb Attachments 

  • Weld on to the stick
  • Have more teeth for added grip
  • Are Built to take abuse
  • Up to 45% off MSRP 

We offer our customers factor direct prices on a quality product. If your looking to outfit your Kubota excavator with a thumb attachment MinExcavatorThumbs.com has what your looking for in stock, ready to ship same day.