JD510 Backhoe Thumb for Sale July 14 2015, 5 Comments

36" thumb attachment for JD 510 backhoe John Deere makes a great line of backhoes that can tackle jobs of all sizes. Whether you find yourself using it on the farm to get the day to day operations done or trenching gas and sewer line this John Deere 510 is sure to have all the power you could ask for. While the digging force and the comfort are important your machine is only as good as its capabilities. No backhoe excavator is complete without a thumb attachment. Ask any operator and they will tell you that a Mechanical or Hydraulic Backhoe thumb is the most valuable add on.

At MiniExcavatorThumbs.com we sell a full line of Backhoe Thumb Attachments for John Deere Machinery. From mechanical to hydraulic styles we care all sizes in stock ready to ship same day. We suggest a 36" Thumb for your John Deere 510 based off the operating weight of this machine.  

Our 36" Thumb for JD 510

36" Thumb for John Deere BackhoeFully Hydraulic John Deere Backhoe Thumb

  • Comes with Weld on Mounting Plates
  • 7 inches wide for more support
  • Hydraulic and Manual Options
  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping to continental US

For additional pricing and information on a thumb for your John Deere Backhoe visit us online and check out our size chart based on the operating weight of your machine. We strive to move mountains for our customers everyday.