John Deere Backhoe Thumb Attachments for Sale July 28 2015, 4 Comments

John Deere Thumb Attachments

John Deere Thumb Clamp Attachment

John Deere has been a symbol of quality, trust and reliability in the equipment business since its start in 1837. Its made many innovations within the industry and forged opportunity along the way. All with the working men that built this country in mind. Deer has created a legacy from the men and women that cultivate, build and maintain this fine land.

At we are proud to say that our thumb attachments are being added to some of the worlds best equipment. We always get calls for a hydraulic thumb for a John Deere Backhoe or Compact excavator from customers. And our answers always the same. Of course we sell thumbs for your JD! We are always happy to know that our attachments will be put to good use on a Deere. 

Our company shares many of the same core values as John Deere. With a commitment to deliver our customers products made with integrity, quality and innovation.

Our Deere Thumbs

Mechanical Thumb for John Deere Backhoe

Our Compact Excavator and Backhoe thumbs will fit most John Deere models including the following list. 

John Deere G-Series 

  • JD 17G
  • JD 26G
  • JD 35G
  • JD 50G
  • JD 60G
  • JD 75G
  • JD 85G
  • JD 130G
  • JD 135G

John Deere Backhoe Loader 

  • 310L
  • 310SL
  • 315SL
  • 410L
  • 710K

These are just a few of the many Deere models we provide attachments for. Like the saying goes nothing runs like a Deere, so add a thumb you can trust to one of the most prized brands in the industry.