Thumb for Kubota B21 Backhoe August 24 2015, 0 Comments


18" Kubota B21 Thumb

18" Thumb Attach for Kubota B21

The Kubota B21 isn't the biggest machine on the block but with the right equipment attachment you can get even the hardest job done right. A thumb is the first and possibly the best attachment to add to your Kubota if your looking to increase productivity, make operating easy and maintain safety.

When adding a thumb attachment you'll want to consider the size required for your machine. At we carry a full line of thumbs 18"-36" in stock. For the Kubota B21 we recommend a 18" thumb based on the size and weight of the backhoe. You'll also want something with a heavy duty design built to take whatever comes its way. With 1/2" thick USA steel sourced out of Cleveland Oh you can trust this thumb to last over the years.

Mechanical or Hydraulic Kubota Thumbs

The style thumb you choose will depend on your needs and price point. While Mechanical Thumbs for Kubota are very popular and less expensive than the Hydraulic Backhoe Thumb man operators find that they would rather spend the extra money to be able to adjust the attachment from the cab. But that choice is yours. 

Keep these things in mind as you look for a backhoe thumb for your Kubota and you'll find just what you looking for. If you have any questions go to our website and take a look around.