Kubota L35 Backhoe Thumb Clamp July 31 2015, 0 Comments

Thumb Attachment for Kubota L35 Backhoe

Kubota Backhoe Thumb for Sale

Kubota has become one very popular model backhoe over recent years. These machines are great for jobs of all types. From property maintenance to agriculture operations they have proven to hold up next to the John Deere's and Ford tractors of the world . The versatility of this tractor is due in part to both the loader and backhoe options. While the backhoe comes in handy it's still missing one thing, a thumb attachment. Any operator will attest that Mechanical or Hydraulic Backhoe thumb is the most valuable add on.

At MiniExcavatorThumbs.com we sell a full line of Backhoe Thumb Attachments for Kubota backhoe tractors like this Kubota L35. We carry all sizes in stock and ready to ship the same day. We suggest a 24" Thumb for your Kubota tractor based off the operating weight of this machine.  

24" Thumb for Kubota L35 

  • 7" Wide for stability
  • Teeth the entire length of tines
  • A36 1/2" Thick USA Steel
  • Adjustable Positioning 

If your looking to purchase a thumb clamp for your Kubota give us a call today. We have sold many thumbs to Kubota owners over the years and they all agree that a Mini Thumb is the best value out there.