Thumb Attachments for Backhoes August 03 2015, 2 Comments

Heavy Equipment Backhoe Brands

Add a Thumb to your Backhoe

The backhoe is one versatile piece of equipment . With multiple uses from farm to construction your sure to be able to fill your need with a backhoe loader. Like any machine you will come across a point were you can only do so much with what you have. Take the backhoe for example, the digging and loading ability is great but what happens when you need to grab a hold of material? That is when you add a thumb to your backhoe.

At we sell a whole line of thumbs for backhoe loaders just like yours. We carry thumb clamps that weld right on to the arm of your backhoe making it a heavy duty durable attachment. Visit our site for more info. 

Backhoe Thumb for Sale

We Sell Backhoe Thumbs for :

  • John Deere 
  • New Holland 
  • Mahindra
  • Ford
  • Kubota
  • JCB
  • CAT

These are just a few of the many backhoe loaders and tractor that our thumbs fit. Because we offer weld on style thumbs they fit almost all backhoes. If your not sure of the size your machine requires please check out the  thumb size chart on our site.

We offer FREE Shipping to your location within the continental US. Just another way we move mountains for our customers. So if your looking for a quality product made by great people at one of the best values on the market order a backhoe thumb from us today.