Operating a Kubota B21 with BT751 Backhoe Attachment October 29 2015, 0 Comments

Kubota has introduced many popular machine's over the years. One of the most popular has been the Kubota B21 tractor loader with the BT751 Backhoe Attachment. The B21 can be found in backyards and farms across America. It's popularity comes from it's ease of use and versatility with a loader, backhoe and tractor rolled in to one unit.

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It seems easy enough to operate but if you've never spent much time operating heavy equipment it's always a good idea to practice. I've included a great video on how to operate your Kubota B21 like a pro with one easy tip.

One Easy Tip on Operating a Backhoe

The operator suggests learning to dig by doing a dry run. This could be one of the best ways to practice. Your goal is the keep the bucket stead one inch above the ground while moving it toward your machine. Notice how he starts with the arm of the Backhoe fully extended making sure that he starts one inch off the ground. 

Operating any piece of equipment comes down to give and take. He makes this motion look fairly simple and it is once you've got the hang of it but at first you'll need to work at keeping it level. Give this a few try's and let us know what you think.