How to Operate a Bobcat Mini Excavator Like a Pro October 15 2015, 4 Comments

Experience and the right attachment

A lot of guys in the equipment business claim to be an "expert operator" and the common consensus is that they do not need a Thumb Attachment to perform there job with ease and that adding one means your not very good at what you do. That just isn't the case. 

If you are going to screw in a screw you would use a screw driver, not a hammer. So why not add the right attachment to your Excavator like the one from and make life easy on yourself? 

Thats exactly how this operator above was able to perform this fun trick. Pay close attention to how he makes operating this Bobcat Mini Excavator Look so easy. 

Three Steps to operating your Excavator like a Pro

Step 1: Add a thumb attachment to your Mini Excavator 

Step 2: Turn your throttle down and position your bucket slowly

Step 3: Slowly release the hydraulic pressure.

Its that simple and you can use those three steps to help you operate your Mini on any job with expert precision. If you really want to get good at operating it wouldn't be a bad idea to set up some beer bottles and practice this cool trick until your an expert yourself. After all practice makes perfect. 

Feel free to send us posts of your cool excavator tricks.