Kubota KX 040 vs the Bobcat E42 October 20 2015, 0 Comments

Over the past 5 years Kubota has increasingly gained market share by offering performance at an affordable cost to its customers. For us here at www.MiniExcavatorThumbs.com the Kubota KX 040 is on of the most popular model mini excavator our customers inquire about purchasing a thumb attachment for. We suggest either our 30" Mechanical or Hydraulic Thumb depending on what you'll be using the machine for if you already own a Kubota. 

However some of you are just looking at buying your Kubota KX 040 and comparing other machines. Like the Bobcat E 42 for instance. If that's the case then check out this video FWequip.com has posted showing the great features and comparison of both excavators. 

Its clear that the Kubota KX 040 has the Bobcat e42 beat when it comes to overall lift capacity at an additional 46 percent not to mention a much more spacious cab with a comfortable design for long days operating.

So if your looking for a not so small mini excavator with all the performance and power you'll need to get the job done then check out this Kubota KX 040 at F and W Equipment today.