How to Tear Down a Deck with your Mini Excavator October 27 2015, 0 Comments

When your in the excavation, utility or landscape business you'll find that people will start to seek you out to tear down some wreck in there back yard. Once a client see that you have an excavator or Skid steer it's like open season to walk up and ask the question "hey how much to knock down/tear up..." Which If they are willing to pay is a great way to add to your bottom line. 

Once you've taken a look at the deck, tool shed, garage or whatever it may be and agreed on a price with the customer you'll want to find the safest fastest way to remove the object from the property. 

Take a close look at the video below for an example of the right way to tear down an attached deck on the back of a house. Notice how careful the operator is to move slow and make thought out moves to ensure there is no damage down to the home or any other part of the property.

Do you Have the right tool for the Job?

Also notice the operator is using a Hydraulic Excavator Thumb on the Bobcat 305 which allows for control. If your looking for a Hydraulic Excavator Thumb check out

Deck Tear Down Time-lapse 

One of the most important things you can do when operating a mini excavator like the Cat 305 in the time lapse above is to take your time. Slow things down, including your thought process. This will allow for you to think before you act which cuts down on mistakes and damage.

Another good idea is to always have a spotter standing at a safe distance making sure your not getting caught on anything or connected to anything other than the object your tearing down. Also take note that the operator removed the deck in sections. After he cleared away anything that may have caused resistance he brings down the entire structure making it an easy removal. 

The key take away here is to take it slow and steady. Nothing is worse then getting hired to do one job just to lose all the profit by damaging the customers personal property.