How to Grade land with an Excavator February 27 2016, 0 Comments


Grading with a Bobcat E50 Excavator 

Knowing how to grade land is a great skill set to add to your operating resume. If you want to be a good operator its best to be well rounded on all machines you may come across so even if your not behind the controls of a Mini Excavator like this Bobcat E 50 there is always more to learn. 

Obviously the best way to learn for most of us operating equipment is by hands on down and dirty going out there and getting it done. While this is often true it doesn't hurt to get a good take a few tips from someone who's done it before. 

Our friend from Dirt Ninja have put out another great video that gives operators who are trying to grade correctly the best chance at getting it right. Even if your an experience operator you might learn a few things you didn't know. 

Keep in mind the right tool for the job makes every job that much easier no matter how much experience you have, like a grading bucket or a thumb attachment.

If your looking for a Thumb Attachment for your Bobcat E50 visit 

Tools used to Grade Land with an excavator

  • Grading Bucket on Excavator - Notice the bucket he's sing in the video, its wider than it is long and flat on the bottom. This is the bucket you'll need to grad any 
  • Level - While  you don't necessarily need a fancy laser level this is a huge plus to help guide you to the perfect slope. You can also use your average string level to achieve the same result. 

Tips while Grading

  • Quarter Over Lap - Use the area you have already leveled as a guide to start your next move. Check this against whatever level your using every now and then to make sure your keeping it even. 
  • Use the Bucket Edge - When full extended start by using the bucket edge to keep a straight clean pull, try and keep it as even and steady as possible. 
  • Watch the Boom  - If you have to raise or lower the boom to compensate for uneven ground , you can also achieve the same result by curling the buck in or out. 

Just remember to get the right tools for the job and keep a steady hand. The object with any land clearing project is to do it right and clear the way for the next guy to do his job. If you have any comments or questions ask below.