Bradco Skidsteer Attachment with Excavator Thumb June 23 2016, 0 Comments


Bradco Backhoe Attachment

At one of the more popular products we sell thumbs for is the Bradco Skidsteer Attachment. Lucky we were able to get our hands on one and show you just how easy a thumb can make operating this piece of equipment. 

Bradco Thumb 

Thanks to the opposing force of the thumb the operator has complete control over whatever they are attempting to pick up. Whats really nice about  this Bradco model is its reach when fully extended. Making it easy to get the material up and over the side of a dumpster or dump truck. 

In this video the Bradco has a 24"x7" Mechanical Weld On Thumb that adjusts to three positions and pins back completely out of the way when not in use.



Bradco Key Features 

  • Boom Radius -Notice how the swing radius of the boom allows the operator to remain in the same position the entire time 
  • Compact - Why drag a Mini Excavator and Skid Steer to a Job site when you could just load up the skid steer with this space saving attachment.
  • Digging Depth and Reach - with a digging depth of 10 feet you'll be able to reach just about anything.

Bradco Attachments is has become popular among landscapers and enthusiasts thanks to its ease of use, versatility and small yet powerful design. We like it for those less extensive jobs.