Case CX 80 Excavator Thumb Install Customer Profile - Lennon Machinery August 13 2016, 0 Comments

Case CX80 Excavator Thumb


Case CX80 Hydraulic Excavator Thumb 

We recently completed the install of a 48"x12" Hydraulic Excavator Thumb for Lennon Machinery on an Case CX80 for their customer. Along with a hydraulic return line install to allow for the cylinder to retract. 

Lennon Machinery is one of the Premier Heavy equipment dealers located in Newbury, OH selling Excavators across the nation. They joined our dealer network after seeing an increased demand from there customers for excavators with Thumb Attachments already equipped.

Frato Products Inc. is able to facilitate the design, manufacturing and installation of thumb attachments at an affordable price to dealers allowing them to close more sales and offer their customers additional options.

This particular excavator is going to be working on a land clearing project coming up in New Jersey and the thumb Attachment will give the operator the ability to clear trees and brush at a much faster pass then otherwise capable. 

Customer Profile

Customer: Lennon Machiner - Equipment Dealer

Machine: Case CX80 

Operating Weight: 18,000 pounds

Attachment: 48"x12" Fully Hydraulic  Weld On Thumb Attachment 

Additional Options: Added grease fitting for easy maintenance and installed a hydraulic valve to facilitate the install of the thumb attachment. 

Project: Install Mounting brackets and Hydraulic hoses and valves for a 48"x12" Fully Hydraulic Weld On Excavator Thumb Attachment done by Frato Products Inc.

Primary use: Land Clearing

Frato Products Inc. offers  manufacturing, repair and install of hydraulic setups and equipment attachments to the construction and equipment industries in Cleveland, OH. If you need any work done to your equipment give them a call. 

Case CX 80 Thumb Product Images 

Hydraulic Thumb for Case CX 80
Case Excavator Thumbs