IHI 30N Mini Excavator Thumb Install - Customer Profile August 08 2016, 0 Comments


 IHI 30N With Hydraulic Thumb Attachment


IHI 30N Hydraulic Excavator Thumb 

We recently completed the install of a 30"x10" Fully Hydraulic Excavator Thumb from www.MiniExcavatorThumbs.com for a customer with and IHI 30N Mini Excavator. Along with a few minor repairs to the bucket and the Blade. 

Pasquale Construction was running into a problem constantly attempting to use the blade and arm of the machine to pick up large pieces of concrete from drive way tear outs. They needed an easy solution to allow for faster removal and less damage to the machine so they came to use to install our 30"x10" Wide Weld On Thumb.

They choose the 30"x10" Wide Model to accommodate there standard bucket as well as the grading bucket. Check out their customer Profile and additional images of the IHI install below.

Customer Profile

Customer: Pasqual Construction and Design Inc.

Machine: IHI 30N 7700 lb machine 

Attachment: 30"x10" Fully Hydraulic  Weld On Thumb Attachment 

Additional Options: Upgraded Cylinder to 3x16 and added grease fittings to the Thumb.

Project: Install Mounting brackets and Hydraulic hoses for a 30"x10" Fully Hydraulic Weld On Mini Excavator Thumb Attachment done by Frato Products Inc.

Primary use: Concrete Tear Outs and Landscape Design 

Frato Products Inc. facilitates the manufacturing, repair and install of hydraulic setups and equipment attachments to the construction and equipment industries in Cleveland, OH. If you need any work done to your equipment give them a call. 


IHI 30N Retracted Thumb

IHI 30N Thumb

Fully Extended Thumb for IHI30