John Deere 35 D Excavator Thumb Attachment September 30 2016, 3 Comments

John Deere 35 D Thumb

Thumb for John Deere 35 D

Stop destroying the arm of your machine and increase your productivity. Theres an easy solution, just add a Thumb Attachment. If your looking to improve the performance of your John Deere 35D adding a Manual or Hydraulic Thumb attachment will enable you to get a handle material such as demo debris, lumber and stone while increasing the value of your machine. At we recommend a 24" Thumb based on your machines operating weight. 

Our Manual and Hydraulic Thumb Prices :

  • 24"x7" Weld-On Mechanical Thumb - $430.00 (manual adjusts to 3 positions)
  • 24"x7' Weld-On Fully Hydraulic - $690.00 (fully retracts against stick using only hydraulics)
  • 24"x10" Weld-On Fully Hydraulic - $840.00
  • 24" Pin-on Hydraulic Thumb - $1,240.00 (Built to Spec)
In order to get the most accurate size we suggest you measure your machine as the needed size may vary due to other attachments such as a quick connect. This only takes five minutes.

Weld-On Thumb or Pin-On?

The choice is yours. We offer both Weld-On and Pin-On Thumb Attachments for the Deere 35D due to customer demand. But we can tell you that after selling hundreds of thumb attachments our customers tend to lean toward the Weld-On Style for a number of reasons. 
Weld On Advantage:
  1. Easy Install, we send the mounting brackets and you simply weld the to the arm in the position you desire.
  2. Works well with different width buckets, we've seen customers run into issue with the Pin-On Thumb when trying to operate a bucket thats not as wide as the thumb.
  3. No need to remove when swiping buckets

Thumb Measuring Instructions:

1. Place the stick of the machine straight and the bucket angle to form a 90 degree angle with the stick.
2. Measure from the Stick of the machine to the teeth or edge of the bucket.
The size may change depending on wether you are using a quick coupler for you buckets. If you measure your machine and need something larger please email us with the length for a quote. It's always better to get a thumb that atlas meets or exceeds the teeth of your machine to prevent any binding.
At we move your equipment forward. We are dedicated to providing a quality product at a great price. Making us the #1 online retailer of Thumb Attachments. Place your order online or give us a call today at 216-210-6776.
if you have any questions feel free to ask below.